The Association of ecological non-for-profit organizations of Turkmenistan have a collective membership. The Association was created in February 14 of year 2000. Now it unites 35 organizations from 4 regions of Turkmenistan. The aim of the Association is to join the NGOs and initiative groups of ecological orientation of the country. Teachers of schools and students, scientists, physicians, lawyers and journalists are working in these organizations.


For the effective work of these organizations the Ecological Center was created. It started work from the December 2000. EcoCenter is the information consultative Resource center, which serves as the main working and executive organ of Association. Now the branches of the EcoCenter are creating in two regions: Turkmenbashy and Turkmenabat. EcoCenter structure: 1. Administrative group, 2. Editorial-publishing department, 3. Information department. 4. Maintenance Department, 5. Library, 6. Video studio, 7. Ecological school.

Our Association is open for all ecological oriented organizations, initiative groups, and private persons, for all who wants to receive our services and is ready to be switch on in the process of the information exchange.